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The friendly Cycling Club in South Yorkshire
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Why join Birdwell Wheelers ?

If you are new to cycling


Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself to lose weight, get fitter ?

Can't get motivated to go to the gym ?


It is known that moderate cycling at approx one hour can burn off nearly 300 calories.

The daily recommended calorie intake for women is 1940 and for men 2550.

If you record a negative calorie balance of 500 calories per day you will lose 1lb a week.


Cycling could be the answer !


I can't get motivated, joining a club is not just about racing. There are a variety of different cycling disciplines:



Riding to various control points, a bit like a treasure hunt but a great way to see the countryside.



A ride set on a challenging route.

When the Tour de France came to Britain a sportive was ridden on one of the tour stage routes.


The Sunday Club Run

A social ride with cafe stops rode at a slow pace.


The Chain Gang

Usually a training ride for racing cyclists.


Road Racing

 As it says on the label.


Track Racing

Circuit racing at the velodrome, scary but exhilarating.


Time Trialling

"The race of truth" where you aim to travel a set distance as fast as you can, highly addictive as you race against yourself to beat your best time.


Trail Quest

Orienteering on mountain bikes; mountain biking; bmx etc.


A friendly cycling club in South Yorkshire, Birdwell Wheelers are involved in most cycling disciplines and are based at the Community Centre, Birdwell.

Club meetings are held from 19.30 most Friday nights, everyone welcome

or email  for further details