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The friendly Cycling Club in South Yorkshire
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Cycling in the cold and wet, you must be joking!! Well you could go to your local sports centre and do spinning classes. These are good fun and you do it at your own pace. It is not unusual to find a

complete novice doing the same session as a top amateur racing cyclist, who knows they may give you a few tips! Can't find the time to get to the gym? Think turbo trainer, these allow you to use your normal bike indoors, any time night or day out of the wind and rain and you can watch TV whilst you do it ! Prices start about £80 but can reach upwards of £400 if you want to race against virtual opponents on the Tour de France mountains.

For those who like a challenge or want to have a target to aim for why not enter a local time club time trial, just turn up and ride. These normally start in the evening towards the end of April and cost less than a pint of beer to enter. Race distances range from 5 miles to 15 miles. Details will appear in the local press. If you feel you want to have a go but are not fast enough, try some interval training; warm up on your bike for 20 minutes, ride hard for two minutes then ride easy until recovered and repeat 5 or 6 times or as many as you feel able to do, then warm down and stretch your legs out. Hard work but after 4 weeks you should see an improvement.