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The friendly Cycling Club in South Yorkshire
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Club Records
10 milesAP Watson28.051952Brodsworth RCC
C Moody27.11960YLCA
C Moody27.091960Richmond CC
M Larkin25.471965YLCA
C Minto25.271977YLCA
C Minto25.261986YLCA
C Minto25.11987Askern CC
C Minto24.31999VTTA(Y)
15 milesA P Watson41.291954Eckington Whs
C Moody41.141965YLCA
C Moody40.081968YCF
C Moody39.371969YLCA
C Moody39.271971YLCA
C Minto38.341978YLCA
C Minto38.11981YLCA
25 milesA P Watson1.11.271954White Rose Ladies
C Moody1.10.451959White Rose Ladies
C Moody1.09.101961Morley CC
V Johnson1.06.391964Morley CC
V Johnson1.06.311964East Bradford CC
M Larkin1.02.431965Goole Whs
30 milesC Minto1.21.541979Rockingham CC
C Minto1.20.261980Rockingham CC
C Minto1.19.221997Rockingham CC
50 milesC Fletcher2.21.141960YLCA
M Larkin2.11.571965Nunbrook Whs
M Larkin2.08.481965Nat Champs
100 milesC Moody5.10.481960YLCA
C Moody5.02.181961Nat Champs
C Moody4.52.291965Newark Castle
C Moody4.41.251969YLCA
12 hoursC Moody229.6531967Otley CC
C Moody232.5361971NMCF
24 hoursC Moody409.161967MLCA
C Moody420.051968MLCA
C Moody427.861969MLCA
Women team
10 milesC Moody, C Fletcher, S A Woolley1.24.411959Doncaster Whs
25 milesV Johnson, C Moody, C M Ogden3.22.431964Morley CC
V Johnson, C Moody, C M Ogden3.22.021964East Bradford CC
M Larkin, C Moody, V Johnson3.21.181965East Bradford CC
10 milesB Atkin29.571967GHS
K M Broadhead27.341970GHS
R Pearce25.341972GHS
R Pearce25.21972Rutland CC
J N Helliwell24.321973DVCCA
G A Davison24.031974GHS
G A Davison23.041974Birdwell Whs
S Denton22.31976GHS
T Booth21.16 2016Team Swift
25 milesB Atkin1.08.151967Mexborough Whs
C D Jarvis1.02.531973Sheffield HighG Ate
G A Davison1.02.181974Doncaster Whs
G A Davison1.00.491974DVCCA
S Denton0.59.581976Pooled CluB S
50 milesG A Davison2.16.021974Doncaster Whs
G A Davison2.12.041974Harworth & District CC
Schoolboy team
10 milesC D Jarvis, J N Helliwell, G A Davison1.15.381974S Elmsall SCC
G A Davison, J N Helliwell, C D Jarvis1.13.121974GHS
G A Davison, C D Jarvis, J N Helliwell1.11.121974Birdwell Whs
25 milesJ N Helliwell, C D Jarvis, G A Davison3.13.121974Doncaster Whs
C D Jarvis, G A Davison, J N Helliwell3.11.591974Jun Nat Champs
10 milesB Atkin24.121969DVCCA
G A Davison23.351975Rutland CC
G A Davison22.361975Birdwell Whs
C D Jarvis22.251976YLCA
W Randle20.241982
25 milesK J Reel1.03.521967Sheffield HighG Ate
K J Reel1.02.371968Doncaster Whs
K J Reel0.59.141968Rawmarsh & ParkG Ate
G A Davison0.59.11975Jun Nat Champs
G A Davison0.58.521975
C D Jarvis0.58.131976Pooled cluB S
W Randle0.54.471982NMCF
W Randle0.52.381982Royal Engineers
30 milesG A Davison1.15.291975Rockingham CC
W Randle1.09.541982Rockingham CC
50 milesK J Reel2.06.011969BCF(NM)
Junior team
10 milesM Clegg, A Goddard,   D Scargill1.16.291970Harworth & District CC
J M Summerhill,         G A Jarvis, J P Hunt1.14.131974Rutland CC
G A Davison, C D Jarvis, J M Summerfield1.11.111974Birdwell Whs
G A Davison,               J N Helliwell, C D Jarvis1.09.261975Birdwell Whs
25 milesJ N Helliwell, C D Jarvis, G A Davison3.13.121974Doncaster Whs
G A Davison, C D Jarvis, J N Helliwell3.01.491975Jun Nat Champs
10 milesD C Ogden24.031951Club event
M D Shaw21.471973DVCCA
J Langston21.421993VTTA(NM)
T Mayne20.582008Brough Whs
T Mayne20.482009
T Mayne20.272010City RC Hull
T Mayne19.522011
B Harvey19.32014Team Swift League
B Harvey19.192014Team Swift League
B Harvey 18.47 2015City RC Hull 
25 milesD C Ogden1.00.451951Lichfield C & AC
D C Ogden0.59.501952Notts Castle BC
R Foster0.59.191961Hemsworth Whs
R Foster0.59.101962Rockingham CC
M D Shaw0.58.121963Dearne & Dist
R Foster0.57.391963Brodsworth RCC
M D Shaw0.57.381964Rockingham CC
M D Shaw0.57.071965Goole Whs
M D Shaw0.56.441965S Elmsall SCC
M D Shaw0.56.411966Doncaster Whs
M D Shaw0.55.251968Brodsworth RCC
D Scargill0.55.162002Rutland CC
T Mayne0.52.582008South Pennine CC
D Taylor0.52.512012Belper BC
T Mayne0.51.342012Derby Mercury RC
B Harvey0.51.192014Belper BC
B Harvey0.50.50 2015 Walsall RC 
D Taylor0.50.40 2016 Walsall RC 
30 milesD C Ogden1.15.441951Hemsworth Whs
M D Shaw1.10.141974Rockingham CC
T Mayne1.7.432009
50 milesD C Ogden2.05.481951NCU(NM)
A W Teasdale2.04.531955
A W Teasdale2.04.411957
R Foster1.59.451961Rotherham Whs
M D Shaw1.58.401965YCF
M D Shaw1.55.331965Bramley Whs
M D Shaw1.55.261969Sharrow CC
M D Shaw1.52.461970Clifton CC
T Mayne1.51.252008Holme Valley Whs
T Mayne1.48.262009Godric CC
T Mayne1.48.17 2015 BDCA
100 milesG A Taylor4.37.541951
R Coe4.30.021953Rutland CC
R Coe4.24.161953RAF Champs
R Foster4.22.441961NMCF
M D Shaw4.20.271966Rutland CC
P Y Ward4.17.021967NMCF
P Y Ward4.14.091968Nat Champs
M D Shaw4.03.011969Yorkshire Century
T Mayne3.57.222008N Middx & Herts CA
T Mayne3.54.352009BDCA 100
T Mayne3.54.152010Nat Champs
T Mayne3.52.102013ECCA 100
12 hoursG A Taylor238.491951
A W Teasdale240.991955
A W Teasdale246.31957
P Y Ward250.3881968NMCF
M D Shaw255.3281969Nat Champs
M D Shaw264.661973Otley CC
T Mayne276.062008CC Breckland
 24 hourA Goulding423.771969Nat Championships 
T Mayne453.382015RTTC 24 Championships
Men team
10 milesD Scargill, G A Davison, C D Jarvis1.09.351974Birdwell Whs
G A Davison,              J N Helliwell, C D Jarvis1.09.261975Birdwell Whs
T Mayne, D Taylor,        J Woodhouse1.08.362011VTTA(NM)
 T Mayne D Taylor T Booth
Team Swift
 T Mayne D Taylor P Mason
25 milesR Foster, M D Shaw,     A Goulding2.54.151963Brodsworth RCC
M D Shaw, A Pearson,  A Goulding2.51.291970Meersbrook CC
M D Shaw, R Wilson,  B S Tinker2.50.461974Meersbrook CC
 P. Mason T Mayne D Taylor2.48.35 2016 Birdwell Whs 
  D Taylor T Mayne B Harvey 2.42.44 2016 Rockingham CC 
30 milesM D Shaw, B S Tinker, G A Jarvis3.43.391974Rockingham CC
50 milesM D Shaw, R Foster,   D C Ogden6.10.251963Rotherham Whs
M D Shaw, R Foster,     A Pearson6.02.211969Barnsley RC
A Jones, D Oakley,      D Scargill5.51.142003NMCF
100 milesM D Shaw, D C Ogden, M White13.48.541964NMCF
M D Shaw, KJ Reel,      M Perryman13.30.081970Rutland CC
A Pearson, R Wilson, P Y Ward13.21.131971NMCF
12 hoursM D Shaw, A Goulding, C Woodcock667.3781966NMCF
P Y Ward, A Goulding, M Perryman706.0111968NMCF
Team Time Trials
2-up 25KJ Reel, B Atkin1.00.011969Sheffield Sports
M D Shaw, D C Ogden0.56.541970Rutland CC
D Dixon, W Randle0.51.471982Rutland CC
3-up 25M White, M Coney,   PG Andrews1.02.071965Askern CC
C Woodcock, PG Andrews, AT Jarvis1.00.011967Askern CC
4-up 100kmI Turner, D Scargill,     K Fields, C D Jarvis2.27.021976Nat Champs
10 MilesT Mayne4719.522011City RC Hull
T Mayne5219.592015VTTA(NM)
 T Mayne
P Heggie6221.412016VTTA Yorks
 P Heggie
Team Swift
M D Shaw6424.482002Club event
15 Miles
P Heggie
YCF 15
 P Heggie
VTTA Champs
25 milesT Mayne480.51.342012Derby Mercury RC
T Mayne520.51.402016Walsall RC
A Jones530.56.172003VC Chesterfield
P Heggie630.57.522017Ogmore Valley Whs
30 milesT Mayne451.07.432009YCF
T Mayne521.10.412016YCF
T Barker551.11.451996VTTA(Y)
D C Ogden571.16.301984Rockingham CC
P Heggie611.18.432015YCF
 P Heggie621.20.53 2016YCF 
50 milesT Mayne511.48.172015BDCA
 T Mayne52 1.49.38 2016 BDCA 
A Jones531.56.162003NMCF
M D Shaw552.03.101993VTTA(Y)
P Heggie622.04.022016Otley CC
 P Heggie
100 milesT Mayne493.52.102013EDCA
T Mayne523.56.472016RTTC Nat 
 A Jones
M D Shaw564.23.051994NMCF
P Heggie614.27.002015EDCA
 P Heggie
RTTC 100
P Heggie634.49.272017RTTC 100
12 hoursT Mayne44276.062008CC Breckland
T Mayne47271.322011CC Breckland
T Mayne52267.32016ECCA
A Jones
 P Heggie
Team Swift
24 hoursT Mayne51453.382015Mersey RC
Veteran W
10 milesC Minto580.24.301999VTTA(Y)
C Minto620.25.132003Rutland CC
25 milesC Minto421.04.041983DVCCA
C Minto441.04.111985Knaresborough CC
C Minto621.04.452003VC Chesterfield
30 milesC Minto561.19.221997Rockingham CC
C Minto591.19.422000YCF
C Minto611.26.472003VTTA(NM)
50 milesC Minto562.13.241997Pennine CC
C Minto582.16.101999Elmet CRC
C Minto622.21.252003Sharrow CC
100 milesC Minto564.54.471997Rutland CC
C Minto594.57.182000Rutland CC
C Minto615.02.512002Rutland CC
12 hoursC Minto43222.441984Welsh CA
C Minto44221.9351985CC Breckland
C Minto46219.5591987Western TTA
C Minto51213.3621992Nat Champs
Women Trike 
10 milesC Minto5827.331999TA(NE)
C Minto6127.582002Rockingham CC
25 milesC Minto611.12.212002Rockingham CC
C Minto621.20.082003TA(NE)
30 milesC Minto601.28.482002VTTA(NM)
50 milesC Minto582.26.281999Veg C & AC
C Minto612.34.162002Sharrow CC
100 milesC Minto59 5.30.282000NMCF