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The friendly Cycling Club in South Yorkshire
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No.EntrantFinishStartTimeH'capH'cap TimeFinish OrderNo.Finish Time
1Watson Austin18:5201:0017:5205:4012:121317:42
2Goucher Charlie19:4202:0017:42NA2518:42
3Neil Mangham17:4203:0014:42NA3118:52
4Chris Anderson19:5304:0015:53NA4219:42
5Dan Taylor18:4005:0013:4000:0013:405419:53
6Philip Adams23:0906:0017:0904:4012:296721:37
7Greg Godley21:3707:0014:3703:1511:227623:09
8John Rowe25:0108:0017:01NA81123:56
9Peter Bould24:2009:0015:20NA9924:20
10Trevor Mayne24:2710:0014:2701:0513:22101024:27
11Toby Wilson23:5611:0012:56NA11825:01